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Shanghai FoxMotor Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Fox Motor Co., Ltd. is a large hi-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D , manufacturing , sales and maintenance of motors and drive devices. To provide the optimal motor products and drive devices to global industrial enterprise and various application fields. The Company currently is staffed with 500 people, among whom 25 are professional and technical personnel, 12 with middle or senior professional titles including 8 senior engineers. We follow the ISO9001:2000 quality standard, by providing industry leading products of high quality and good service, and has rapid growth for global famous motors and drive devices suppliers.

     Fox Motor is an enterprise with the longest history in manufacturing small and medium-sized AC & DC motors, crane& metallurgical three phase asynchronous motor, the reducer motor, pump, valve, and as more than 300 kinds of specifications of the products . Products are already through the Shanghai electrical science test qualified The products are widely used in petroleum . . . 



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